Betsy DeVos pulls back protection for student loan borrowers

The Trump Administration’s stated goal is to deconstruct the administrative state.  

In layman’s terms, this means creating a government that does, and is able to do, less for you.

Today’s example comes from the Department of Education, which until this month, had an agreement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  The two agencies would share information and cooperate on enforcement of regulations.  Sounds like something government agencies should do, right?

Betsy DeVos doesn’t think so.  Last week, the Department of Education suspended its agreement with the CFPB, effectively leaving student loan borrowers with less protection, and leaving both agencies less able to police borrowers, spot trends in enforcement, and hold companies accountable.

If you are wealthy and believe that government regulations fundamentally strangle your ability to amass more wealth, this makes sense.  If you need to borrow money to attend college and work toward a decent paying job, this is lunacy.

For more information about this story, visit NPR.

Call this office:  Department of Education,  800-872-5327

Script:  Hello, my name is [NAME] and I am calling from [ADDRESS].  I disagree with the Department’s recent decision to suspend its collaboration with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Millions of Americans must borrow money to attend college and pursue good paying jobs, and they deserve the strongest protections from predatory lenders.  I expect the Department of Education to serve the interests of these students, not the banks that try to profit from them.  I encourage strong collaboration between the Department of Ed. and the CFPB in order to prevent the kind of irresponsible banking practices that nearly brought down the economy in 2008.  How are you planning to protect students from predatory lenders?



DACA renewal deadline 5 Oct 17

5 Oct 17 is the deadline to renew for people who’s  DACA status expires between now and 5 March 18.

Call your Representative and two Senators today and demand that they include a clean “DREAM Act” (S.1615 / H.R.3440) as a part of any must-pass bill this month. Now that the Trump White House announced the end of DACA, This Trump-made tragedy of ending relief from deportation for 800,000 young Americans who now face an uncertain future. Tell your MoC to include a clean DREAM Act in any must-pass package they are planning this month. The DREAM Act would give DACA recipients and others who arrived in the United States as children a path to permanent lawful status and eventual citizenship.

Rep. Michael Turner
(202) 225-6465

Sen. Sherrod Brown
(202) 224-2315

Sen. Rob Portman
(202) 224-3353



Finally, a call that isn’t about healthca- oh wait.

Now that it appears the garbage truck fire Graham Cassidy bill will not recieve a vote this week, we SHOULD be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, our GOP representatives never miss an opportunity to disappoint us.  It seems the Children’s Health Insurance Program (or CHIP) is set to expire in a matter of days if funding is not reauthorized.

For more info, visit 5calls.

You know the drill:  get on the phones with all our representatives, and let them know we are watching, and capable of tracking more than one issue at a time!

  • Call Mike Turner at 202-225- 6465
  • Call Rob Portman at 202-224- 3353
  • Call Sherrod Brown at 202-224- 2315


Hi. I’m calling from [ZIP] to ask [NAME] to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program before funding lapses on September 30th. Millions of children rely on this funding. This is not the time to be angling for for partisan policy riders. Can you tell me what [NAME] is doing to insure a clean reauthorization of CHIP?

Thanks to our ally Jen Hofmann.

Two part CTA! Thank you and we are disappointed calls!

This round of healthcare fight seems to be dead! Let’s send two messages today.

First, lets take this time to call Sen Brown to say Thank You for continuing to stand up and fight for Healthcare! He needs to hear that we are behind him and tell him your story!

Second, lets call Sen Portman and let him know once again we are disappointed that he remains silent on how he will vote. Also, during the hearing on Mon he shared stories about Ohioans impacted by increased premiums. What about the rest of us?

Thank you all for your calls! Keep up the work and make your voices heard Ohio!

Demand action to assist Puerto Rico and USVI

Since Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, The Trump administration has been busy… tweeting about kneeling at football games.

These territories are part of the United States and have millions of residents.  Reports suggest a massive humanitarian crisis underway, teetering on the verge of panic.

For more information, visit 5calls.

From Indivisible: “Puerto Ricans are American citizens and they deserve the same protection and federal support as any other American city or state. Right now the island remains under water, without power, and at least ten are dead. Congress must act THIS WEEK to provide emergency disaster relief to the Island. Demand that Congress do it, starting with calling your Representative.”

  • Call Mike Turner at 202-225- 6465


Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [ADDRESS].

I’m calling to urge Rep. Michael R. Turner to immediately pass a hurricane relief package for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. It is inexcusable for the federal government to not take swift protective action when millions of Americans are in the midst of a dire humanitarian crisis.

Thank you for your time and attention.

[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

Special thanks to Indivisible, 5calls, and the wealth of reporting on the ongoing crisis from major news outlets like Washington Post and New York Times.

Weekends are great for making calls!

Are you uncomfortable making calls to your members of Congress during business hours because you dislike talking to strangers?

Feel intimidated, and worry that the staffers might be judgmental, harsh or rush you off the phone?

Do you feel anxiety about your level of knowledge of the bills and actions we ask you to make calls on?

Do you have a demanding work schedule, or does being an awesome parent eat up your day before you get a chance to make calls?

You’re in luck!  You can always call and leave messages for your representative and senators after hours and on weekends.  If you leave your name and address with zip code, they will still be able to tally your call.

So get calling!

Mike Turner:  (202) 225-6465

Rob Portman:  (202) 224-3353

Sherrod Brown:  (202) 224-2315

Advocate for victims of Campus Sexual Assault

Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, announced earlier this month that she will be revising Title IX protections for sexual assault survivors on college campuses. By no means did it seem hopeful, considering she dedicated many of her statements to helping those who have been accused, even though false reporting makes up only 2%-10% of cases and under-reporting is a much more pervasive issue—63% of rapes are never reported to the police. Additionally, DeVos’s Civil Rights Chief, Candice Jackson, shockingly commented, “The accusations — 90% of them — fall into the category of ‘we were both drunk.'” She later apologized, but clearly, they need to loudly hear from sexual assault survivors and allies.

Title IX guarantees students a safe and equal environment for education. The Obama administration strengthened enforcement of Title IX by creating the Dear Colleague guidelines to address sexual assault. For example, if there is enough evidence of sexual assault, the survivor can be moved to a new dorm or have their assaulter change classes. It holds universities accountable by publishing their Title IX lawsuits when previously universities kept them hidden, considering they have a financial incentive to side with perpetrators to maintain their reputation. There is still a lot of work to be done, but why take away any progress?


1.) Call Betsy DeVos’s office:
* 1-800-872-5327, option 3, (Dept. of Education) I was on hold for about 2 min and then I spoke with a really nice lady who said they are DEFINITELY tallying these phone calls and reporting them to DeVos.
* 1-202-401-3000 (Secretary DeVos’s office) I left a voicemail on this phone line, but the woman I spoke to from the Dept. of Education said that they are most likely tallying the phone calls from DeVos’s office line as well.

2.) Write a postcard to DeVos:
Secretary Betsy DeVos
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Ave, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202

3.) Watch the documentary The Hunting Ground:
Streaming on Netflix.  Education around this topic is so important.


From our Allies at The Activist Cartel

Ohio would be devastated by Graham-Cassidy

For Ohioans, a lot is on the line. Under this bill, the health care of 1.9 million people with pre-existing conditions and 220,000 people relying on the ACA for treatment for opioid abuse would be in jeopardy in Ohio alone. Ohio also stands to lose $2.5 billion in federal funding by 2026.

Sadly, we can’t know the exact extent of the damage that could be done to Ohio, because as the Congressional Budget Office noted earlier this week, their non-partisan report on the Graham-Cassidy bill will not include formal coverage, premium, or deficit estimates, as a consequence of the GOP’s race to vote prior to the September 30 deadline for reconciliation.

Once again, Call Rob Portman and remind him that his constituents can’t afford to lose lifesaving coverage!

(202) 224-3353

Portman’s Opioid money missing from Graham-Cassidy

According to the Dayton Daily News, “Sen. Rob Portman has privately urged Senate Republican leaders to include billions of federal dollars to treat opioid addiction as part of” the Graham-Cassidy legislation hurtling toward a vote next week.

In July, GOP leaders included $45 billion for the opioid crisis in ACA repeal legislation that ultimately failed.  This time around, it is nowhere to be found, and Rob Portman is looking for cover that will allow him to justify a vote in favor.

As we know, even if the billions in opioid crisis money are added to Graham-Cassidy, it will STILL be a nightmare for healthcare nation-wide, forcing millions to lose coverage and millions more to pay more for less.

To learn more, click here.

Call Rob Portman at (202) 224-3353 and let him know that nothing added to sweeten this bill will make it palatable to the voters and citizens of Ohio.